Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nor any drop to drink

This "drugs in the water supply" story is starting to bug me. The Associated Press did a story recently that many news outlets have picked up on. Apparently, there are trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in reservoirs like Lake Mead. Since many Americans are over-medicated, this doesn't strike me as odd. Everybody's shit stinks and everybody's pee contains some of what they ingested. Duh?

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record when I identify the news media as fear-mongers. However, this story is over the top. The story focuses on the fact that substances "have been identified" in the water. No mention is made of whether this is parts-per-billion or parts-per-trillion. The AP was very pleased with itself that it found drugs "including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilisers and sex hormones". To compound the horror, they mention "authorities routinely fail to tell the public".

My local authorities, like many others, publish a yearly review of water quality. They tell me the precise parts-per-billion of important toxins like lead, arsenic and cyanide. But those bastards are not telling me how much Viagra is in my water. Or how much Xanax. All things considered, I'm voting they stay the current course.

Despite repeated assurances from several "scientists" that the amounts were so minuscule as to be unharmful, the AP story has to end on a sensationalist note: "Pregnant women, the elderly and the very ill might be more sensitive".

Aren't these the people contaminating our water to begin with?!?

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ASG said...

Don't forget the CSI episode where the murder victim was thought to be a transexual until it was determined that he had been working with the local quack professor to catch and categorize fish with both sex organs from the lake that had been providing him his drinking water since birth!

Oh, but wait. CSI is fiction....